Pigeons Hunter Mission

Postal 2 Pigeons Hunter Mission [Available]

Revival games present deleted Pigeons Hunter Mission to Steam version of Postal 2
About in this news.

Now you can play Pigeons Hunter Mission !! 45 minutes of gameplay arround lower paradise with destroing pigeons to meat chunks !!!
What you waiting for ? Just subscribe in steam workshop and play !!

What is that:

Deleted Pigeon Hunter Mission !!
Residents of paradise is in danger! Pigeons!
They attack civilians in search of food.
Only Postal Dude can save the Paradise City.
Time to relocate some pigeons!!

You can run mod with two ways:
1) Choose in menu of workshop map "WS-[RevivalGames]-[Shortcut]-PigeonsHunterMission" and run it.


2) Choose mutator in "Workshop" menu and run "AW/AWP" game.

After "CowPasture" map would be replaced "MoviePigeons" - To "PigeonsHunterMission".

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