Nicks Coop F.A.Q.

Welcome, first of all here is master server: 333 Networks Master Server Link
It contain all ip adresses for full day of hosting servers. Old servers showing in the list but at real time they not responding and no exist. So that you need try each if you wanna connect to them. Best solution host game with Your friends and play local team. You can also Request on Postal 2 Steam Community: Thread Link

1. Forward Ports UDP/TCP 7777-7788 on your router.

Forward Ports UDP/TCP 7777-7788. Here is ports you needed:
    ♳ game port               7777/UDP
    ♴ gsa port                  7787/UDP
    ♵ master server port     27900/TCP
    ♶ query port               7778/UDP

Here is same example on UT2004 game: Port Forwarding Link

Check your ports: Check port link ,but more well way host and call friend connect to your IP address.

2. No port triggers.

3. You need know 100% that you can host any other games like "Garry's Mod" / "Don't Starve" / "Killing Floor" etc, cause it's YOUR problem of your router.

4. Public IP (static or dynamic) - Your provider can be asshole and in that case you can't host any game.

5. Network priority - it's priority of your Windows adapter - if it have low priority Postal 2 will not use it! (LAN/Ethernet/Hamachi/Tunggle/ etc)

Network Priority change:
    ♳ Try this: Network priotity adapter example #1
    ♴ Not help ? Try this: Network priotity adapter example #2
    ♵ If you wanna use hamachi - change adapter priority to high, active DHCP and change metric to 9000 or 10.
    ♶ Helpful info: Priority metric adapter example

6. Be sure you are disable Firewall.

Firewall settings change:
    ♳ Disable Firewall: Turn Off FireWall
    ♴ Open Firewall ports: Open firewall ports

7. Be sure your Antivirus program do not block connections.

We hope this help you to setting up your router/network/vpn.
All hosting/connecting playing work in 100%. We played more than 300 hours of tests and know that it works, all other problem only on your router side.
Have fun! Guns don't kill people, you do.

8. Error package STV2 or OTHER version mismatch - Solution.

This error happen because you and host player have diffirent version of game files. Like diffirent mods/textures packs or you installed any localisation.
You MUST have same version of game and mods as a HOST player. Diffirent packages not available in Online coop!
SOLUTION: delete unmatched files and press check files in steam for POSTAL2.

9. NicksCoop config for Linux.

Linux Solution:
    ♳ Just change your "~/.lgp/postal2/System/Postal2.ini" with this: Link cfg Linux

10. NicksCoop config for MAC

MAC Solution:
    ♳ backup your postal2.ini
    ♴ replace it with postal2CoOp.ini (just rename it to postal2.ini)
    ♵ launch P2 via shortcut or steam

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