Welcome to the web site dedicated to Postal 2 game. Since as Postal 2 Share The Pain free multiplayer edition is "pirated" version of game, release of all the mods moved on Steam game version. All developing mods will be updated with new additions and re-crated from scratch.

Eternal Damnation [Steam Release]: [90% - ##.0#.2017] NO_INFO
Happy Night 1.4 [Steam Release]: [100% - 12.12.2016] 'LINK_INFO'
Postal 2 Coop [Steam Release]: [100% - 05.08.2016] 'LINK_INFO' 'LINK_HELP'

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Info updated: 14.06.2017


Eternal Damnation now in the hands of Revival Games!

We will have agreed to take over working on Eternal Damnation, as the core RWS team will be busy for the foreseeable future.

It'll come to Steam Workshop around mid 2017. Even in its current state, it's already much improved over the 2006 release, so by the time we are finished wit it it'll be something quite special for fans of P2 mods.

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Postal 2 CoOp

Due to the interest of commentators on the channel of my friend, I publish the official information about the co-operative modification for postal 2.

Mod will really come out, but I'm not sure when exactly, current progress at the final stage. At the moment, I have no enough time, because of exams. Mod will be for the steam version of the game, moving to the older builds of the game is not planned.

And now you can visit the page of the current information. Yep, you can support the project, I'm working on pure enthusiasm for nothing.

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Postal 2 Happy Night

Now you can play Postal 2 Happy Night!
Just ...
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Forum is back

You can write again on our forum, like this happen some time ago. ...
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Postal 2 Pigeons Hunter Mission [Available]

Revival games present deleted Pigeons Hunter Mission to Steam version of Postal 2
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